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About Learning Quest Academy

Learning Quest Academy is based on the success of our face-to-face and webinar experiences, which have helped thousands of people to navigate change, leverage diversity and innovate how they work and think.

We put together this digital academy to help you be your best and thrive in the 21st century workplace. 

The pace and multidimensional nature of change means everyone is expected to constantly adapt and the Learning Quest Academy is here to help you do that.

Most employees struggle with change, but leaders are in a position to significantly improve their team’s experience, foster resilience and subsequently enhance performance.   Recent neuroscience research provides strategies that leaders can use to assist their employees to maintain optimal brain...

While being able to ‘speak your mind’ might seem like a boost to creativity, having a sense of safety and predictability is an even more important factor in enabling people to freely share and build on each other’s ideas. People...

Most people are familiar with the latest neuroscientific research showing that our brains can and do change throughout our lives. You may have read in popular newspapers that: with the right experiences people with certain brain injuries can compensate for...