Most employees struggle with change, but leaders are in a position to significantly improve their team’s experience, foster resilience and subsequently enhance performance.   Recent neuroscience research provides strategies that leaders can use to assist their employees to maintain optimal brain fitness in the midst of change. By building a higher level of brain fitness within […]

While being able to ‘speak your mind’ might seem like a boost to creativity, having a sense of safety and predictability is an even more important factor in enabling people to freely share and build on each other’s ideas. People are better able to produce novel ideas and solutions when they experience ‘just the right […]

Most people are familiar with the latest neuroscientific research showing that our brains can and do change throughout our lives. You may have read in popular newspapers that: with the right experiences people with certain brain injuries can compensate for lost functions and the region of the brain associated with spatial memory is larger for […]

This week, I was featured on FEAR NOT: Living Beyond Your Fears with Billy Atwell, where I was interviewed about facing fear. In the podcast we discussed the role of the brain in dealing with fear and I shared a few tips for managing fear including: The value of saying your fears out loud Being […]

Fail fast is all the rage, but what separates people (and companies) who are intolerant or afraid of making mistakes from those who have what it takes to thrive in the face of failure? Both mindset and environment impact how we feel – and in turn respond – when mistakes happen at work. Our values […]