#1 Webinar – Stronger through change (weekly series)

Uncertainty and constant change can be hard for many people. Science illuminates a path for becoming Stronger through change. This free webinar is for anyone who wants to learn:
  • The science behind why we feel stress in response to uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Techniques for using disruption and change as a catalyst for becoming stronger.
The content and tools in this webinar are evidence-based and the same as those we teach in our corporate workshops.  We are offering this webinar for free in an effort to help people respond more effectively to the stresses associated with increased pressure and the multitude of changes in the way we work and live.

We will cover new material each week and invite participants to ask questions to ensure we cover issues that are of most concern for our online community.

  • Date: Tuesday's
  • Time: 10:00 am Eastern Australian time (30 minutes)
  • You will receive an email from us with a link prior to each webinar and a thank you email following the webinar, otherwise, you will not be contacted by us and your details are not shared with anyone.
photo credit: Bret Kavanugh on Unsplash

No requirements for this free webinar