3D Change Thinking™

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Science has uncovered common mental biases and blind spots that result in less effective thinking at work.

During the course of the course, you will:
  • Apply recent neuro-scientific findings and learn how to flexibly shift between various ways of thinking that are most conducive for different types of tasks/challenges
  • Explore how the environment can facilitate the most effective mindset for the task/challenge that needs addressing
  • Learn the brain science related to flexibly shifting to different types of thinking for different issues (e.g. the need to increase efficiency versus the need to discover a way to address a new challenge)
  • Learn how to integrate practical brain-based techniques into your day-to-day activities in order to facilitate different types of work such as critical and innovative thinking.

3D Change Thinking™ includes many practical elements that will require participants to experiment and practise new ways of thinking with others. This course is currently offered as part of a blended program for intact leadership or strategic project teams. To do it, you need to:

  • Currently be working as part of a leadership or strategic project team
  • Complete the Working with change course.

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