Connecting with Colleagues

The complexity inherent in today’s business environment requires team members to work across traditional organisational boundaries. While some individuals find this easier to do than others, the majority of human beings experience some level of discomfort when constantly having to work with new people or colleagues/associates with different perspectives, habits or values. This course is based on the latest social neuroscience. The program offers valuable insights and techniques into how to: overcome common concerns and avoid constructing artificial barriers/obstacles to effective working relationships and build the skills needed for proactively connect and work effectively with people who think differently. During the course of the workshop, you will learn to:
  • Recognise how the human brain naturally reacts when dealing with new people and conflicting perspectives
  • Understand the brain science behind building and maintaining strong work relationships; recognise the impact of inclusion/exclusion on performance, health and wellbeing
  • Apply specific techniques to enhance your comfort and capability to collaborate within different teams and localities
  • Recognise the value of building relationships across the organisation; integrate brain-based methods for building connections to get better results and enhance your development.

Clicking with colleagues includes many practical elements that will guide you to try out different techniques and experiment with new ways of connecting and collaborating with others. This course is currently offered as a stand-alone, part of a blended program or complimentary with TalentFAST™ our flagship individual leadership development program.


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