Public Program - Leading Change

Leaders need a new mindset and approach to lead in a world of constant change and uncertainty. The Leading Change workshop equips leaders with practical, easy-to-learn, science-based techniques to lead others through change and challenge.

Neuroscience and psychology research underpin the workshop, which means participants not only acquire the skills to help others cope but discover how to use new challenges as a catalyst for growth.

Understanding how the human brain reacts to new challenges enables leaders to cultivate the mindset and environment to ensure high performance and wellbeing during change.


Leaders will learn how to:
  • Recognise the impact of change at work and proactively position their team to respond,
  • Leverage team members strengths and improve engagement by understanding their unique coping, learning and performance styles,
  • Help employees balance business and personal needs – reducing time lost to resistance and distraction,
  • Effectively manage the losses, frustrations and discontent associated with change, and
  • Apply specific techniques and tools for maintaining and improving wellbeing for team members.
  • Earn a digital credential - Enabling participants to communicate verified learning and achievement in a secure, sharable and portable way.

DATE: 25 March 2020

TIME: 8:30 - 4:00

VENUE: Australian Institute of Company Directors 18 Jamison Street, Sydney NSW



Attend full day 25 March


Complete self-assessment