Leading Through Challenge and Change

Leading in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations can be challenging.  It requires a set of skills not necessarily taught in most leadership courses.  Leading yourself and others through challenge and change will help you quickly recognise the potential impact of disruption and other changes in the work environment and proactively position yourself and your team to respond. 

This course is designed to support you to identify and leverage strengths and resources within your team in order to manage yourself and your team to perform effectively during any type of change at work.  It will also help you examine your own capacity and the capacity of your team members to work in a changing/challenging environment through the lens of the latest neuroscience research.

During the progression of the program, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage the natural strengths of each team member and improve their engagement through a better understanding of their unique coping, learning and performance styles
  • Help employees balance personal and business needs, reducing time lost to resistance and distraction 
  • Effectively manage the losses, frustrations and discontent associated with change
  • Learn methods for leading your team to be their best even when facing new challenges and apply specific brain-based techniques for maintaining and improving your employees personal wellbeing and performance at work.

Leading others through change includes many practical elements that will require you to try out different techniques and experiment with new ways of leading in a quickly changing and uncertain environment.  You will benefit most if you are currently leading a team.