TalentFAST™: Senior Leaders

Stress-test your leadership capability

Are you ready to lead a diverse and dispersed workforce in a complex, volatile, uncertain and rapidly changing environment?

Do you know how to best leverage your unique strengths and minimise your vulnerabilities when put to the test at work?

Self-awareness is the best way to future-proof your leadership skills and to efficiently direct your development plan to the things that matter most utilising:

  • Assessments that provide acute insight to fast-track your development
  • Targeted coaching that enables you to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

TalentFAST™ is a scientifically-based approach for developing leadership capability.

Underpinned by psychology and brain science in a business context, TalentFASTTM assessments measure actual behaviour in standardised conditions using ‘real life’ scenarios. Based on these accurate and powerful insights, we deliver a coaching program that is evidenced-based, personalised, highly practical and immediately applicable.

The program is delivered through a combination of live simulations and webcam, which makes it scalable and accessible from anywhere without needing to travel.    

Our simulations feature people-centred and complex challenges consistent with what people are likely to encounter in their current and future work environment. 

Participants will be primed to navigate difficult conversations, deal with ‘sticky issues’ and identify mental biases/narrow thinking that can negatively impact problem-solving, decision-making and relationships. These are particularly useful skills to have in environments where the conditions/requirements of leaders are rapidly changing. 

Participants are assessed against critical elements of 21st century leadership performance that reflect the demands relevant to their role. The assessments combine facilitated self-review with personalised feedback from a highly experienced leadership coach.

TalentFAST™ packages include:

  • Participation in a standardised simulation designed to test leadership skills in a realistic situation
  • Immediate one-on-one guided self-reflection with feedback from a highly experienced leadership coach
  • Specific development suggestions
  • Personalised written report summarising the assessment
  • Subscription to Learning Quest Academy’s which include a range of online development resources.
  • One-on-one coaching five-session package to embed new behaviours at work.

Once you register for the TalentFAST™: Senior Leaders course we will contact you to schedule your simulation.


TalentFAST™: Senior Leader Development is designed for people who are in senior management roles.  The challenges included in this courses include complexities such as faced when managing managers or implementing strategic plans across multiple teams/business streams.

We also offer  TalentFAST™ development courses for other levels of leadership — please consider one of our other TalentFAST™ courses if you do not meet the requirements for this course.

Once you register for the TalentFAST: Senior Leader Development course we will contact you to schedule your simulation.