Working with Change

Change is exciting but it also can be a bit uncomfortable for many people. This course is available fully online and as part of a blended program to help you navigate change at work.

Working with change is designed to support you to identify and leverage your strengths and resources to manage yourself and perform effectively through any change at work or perform your best in an environment that is volatile, uncertain and complex. It will also help you examine your own capacity to learn and adapt through the lens of the latest neuroscience research.

During the progression of the program, you will learn how to:

  • Recognise your natural strengths and improve your personal wellbeing through a better understanding of your unique coping, learning and performance styles

  • Identify and overcome self-limiting behaviours (e.g. narrow thinking, fear and inflexibility)

  • Learn methods for performing at your best even when facing new challenges and apply specific techniques for maintaining and improving personal wellbeing at work and home.



Working with change includes many practical elements that will require you to try out different techniques and experiment with new ways of working in a quickly changing and uncertain environment.  

To participate you need to have a keen interest in learning more about yourself and enhancing your response to changes and challenges at work.


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